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Mangalayojana is a matrimonial website developed for Sri Lankans who lives in anywhere in the world. You can register with us providing your information and also you can specify preferrences about your future partner. Mangalayojana will match them to find your best match for you.

All sensitive information that you provide here is totally secure with us and also we have privacy options that you may chose which information of you to be exposed to public, registered users and also to your Mangalayojana friends.

We are trying to provide the best user experience within our service. We have a dedicated support hotline for you which you can call and get support regarding any issues of using our service.

Random Profiles If You Feeling Lucky.

Mangalayojana User

Age: 32

Nuwara Eliya

Mangalayojana User

Age: 56

A Buddhist

Mangalayojana User

Age: 50


Mangalayojana User

Age: 49

A Buddhist